There are several reasons you could be looking to have dentures in your mouth. Whether you’re suffering from tooth decay or lost a few teeth through injury, your denturist will be able to offer you several different options when it comes to tooth replacement. From a full set of dentures to a single implant, here are the different types of oral prosthetics you might want to consider.

Implant-Retained Dentures

This is a stable denture that’s connected to titanium implants placed throughout your jaw bone. Much like how a singular dental implant is attached to the mouth, this attaches a full set of dentures to your jaw. This gives you the perfect smile without the worry of them falling out or impairing your speech. Denture implants are comfortable and have a natural look to them, all while decreasing both the wear and rubbing of the gums.

Full Dentures

A full denture is an oral prosthetic that replaces all the natural teeth and tissue lost in either the upper or lower arch. As the mouth changes over time due to bone loss due to age, the dentures will have to be relined every two to three years.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture, as the name suggests, replaces only missing teeth and tissue in the mouth that is either made by acrylic or a combination of an acrylic chrome cobalt alloy. The combination of acrylic and metal is called a cast partial and how has many more benefits than the acrylic partial denture. It can be smaller and thinner and stronger than the latter and provide increased comfort due to the part being supported on some teeth. This reduces the impact of the tissue supported areas and prevents sore spots while eating. Ask our denturist which is best for your needs.

At Accent Denture Services, we specialize in the fabrication of custom dentures through our in-house laboratory. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, our denture clinic provides services that include full and partial dentures, denture repair, impact retained dentures, custom mouth guards, and more. Call us today to book your appointment and get a free consultation.

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