Perhaps you’ve stumbled across “all-on-four” and “all-on-six” while researching a permanent tooth replacement solution. If you’re wondering what they are and whether they are the right choice for you, then read on to find out more!

What Are Denture Implants?

Denture implants are artificial titanium tooth roots inserted in your gums to act as anchors for your new set of false teeth. They are planted in specific positions to provide maximum support and comfort.

In the past, replacing an entire set of teeth required many more implants and a longer recovery. With the “All On” procedure, your fixed dentures are fastened to four or six implants, requiring minimal healing time. The procedure usually takes only around two to three hours under general anesthesia. Temporary dentures will also be installed so that you can still eat and speak while waiting for the implants to fuse with your jawbone (typically for three months).

Fixed denture implants are a long-term solution to missing teeth. With proper care and regular dental checkups, your new teeth can last up to 40 years. They also look, feel and function exactly like natural teeth, which cannot be achieved with traditional dentures.

What Is The Difference Between All-On-Four And All-On-Six Denture Implants?

The main difference between the two is the number of implants that are inserted into the jawbone. All-on-four requires four implants, while all-on-six requires six. The more implants there are, the more evenly pressure is distributed, and the more stable your dentures will feel. However, more implants also mean more cash out of your pocket.

Am I A Good Candidate For Denture Implants?

To be a good candidate for fixed denture implants, you must:
● Have good overall health- this will affect your recovery after implant surgery. If you’re managing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, or have any oral health issues, they must be treated and kept under control before the surgery.
● Not smoke- smoking is a risk for implant rejection and poor recovery.
● Have little to no bone loss- your jawbone integrity is vital to implant fusion. However, significant bone loss is not an immediate dealbreaker; it may be possible for you to receive bone grafts before implant surgery.

Should I Get All-On-Four Or All-On-Six?

There is no hard and fast rule on which procedure is better suited to you. Every case is different in terms of how many teeth and roots are left, bone density and quality, and the shape and angle of the sinus cavity (this can affect the fit of the titanium implants). While all-on-four implants are favoured for most patients, some may need six implants or more to stabilize and reconstruct the jaw completely.

Both all-on-four and all-on-six denture implants are permanent solutions for people who have lost most of their teeth. When it comes to deciding which procedure is better for you, you should always consult an experienced denturist with your best interest at heart.

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