Missing or damaged teeth can cause many problems, and you will eventually experience issues when speaking and eating. Missing teeth can also cause people to lose confidence, and many individuals will hide their smiles or decline social events due to embarrassment. The good news is you can consider several tooth replacement options, and regardless of how you lost or damaged your teeth, you need to act fast to restore your smile. 

A denturist will help you find the right solution and discuss the many types of dentures available. In many cases, implant dentures are the best choice because they are a superior product when it comes to look, feel and function. Patients will experience quality and several benefits, including the following:

1. You Can Eat Anything

Missing teeth will prevent you from eating the foods you love, as will low-quality dentures. You will face some limitations, but implant dentures will allow you to enjoy all the foods you are used to, and you’ll never have to worry about your dentures sliding around. This reason alone is why so many people gravitate towards implant dentures as opposed to traditional dentures. 

2. You Will Maintain Your Oral Health

Missing and damaged teeth will lead to further oral health complications. Implant dentures will stimulate your jawbone, giving your mouth the support it needs to maintain its shape. It will also ensure easy access to any remaining teeth, and patients will take better care of their oral health. Some people neglect the day-to-day care of maintaining their oral health, but you can use implant dentures as an inspiration to get your oral health back on track. 

3. You Will Improve Your Quality Of Speech

Missing teeth will affect your speaking ability, and low-quality dentures can also impair speech. Implant dentures will not cause any slurring or physical impairments, and you won’t have to re-learn how to talk because implant dentures will do this for you and improve your speech quality. 

4. You Will Enjoy Durability

Traditional dentures can fall apart under the wear and tear of daily use, but implant dentures are robust and very durable and offer better quality in both design and function. An implant serves as a root, and the bridge will be held on this implant. As long as these components are cared for, implant dentures can last a lifetime!

5. Improved Appearance

It’s hard to look good with missing teeth, and this will affect both your appearance and your self-esteem. Missing or damaged teeth will prevent you from smiling, and you may not wish to attend gatherings or social events. Implant dentures will look like your natural teeth and help you maintain your facial shape and appearance. Missing teeth may cause you to feel uncomfortable, but implant dentures will solve this problem, and when you are happy with your appearance, you will enjoy improved self-esteem. Missing teeth can prevent some people from applying for a promotion or approaching someone for a new relationship. Still, implant dentures will help improve your quality of life, and self-esteem will no longer be a problem. 

6. Improved Confidence

It’s natural for a person’s confidence levels to drop when they have missing or damaged teeth, and a lack of confidence can negatively impact your personal and professional life. Implant-supported dentures will restore your look and your smile.

7. You Will Prevent Bone Loss

For a jaw to stay strong, it requires stimulation. When no root is present for a bite to activate and press down into the bone, the jaw will suffer, and the bone will start to erode. This may result in a sunken appearance around the mouth. Implant dentures prevent bone loss because they act as your root and stimulate your jaw like natural teeth. 

8. Feels Like Natural Teeth

Implant dentures are just as comfortable as natural teeth and feel like them. Traditional dentures can cause discomfort, especially when wearing them for the first time, and they need to be removed for cleaning every night. Implant dentures, however, will look and feel just like your natural teeth, and you will enjoy comfort at all times. 


Are you missing teeth? Are you experiencing the adverse effects of damaged or missing teeth? It would be best to talk to a dentist; Accent Denture Services can provide all the necessary information. Our denturist will sit down for a one-on-one consultation and help you select the type of denture that is best for your smile. We will provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of every kind of denture and will provide you with professional recommendations. 

We have been serving the Mississauga community for years and are always ready to help patients improve their smiles. There are many benefits of implant dentures, and we will further discuss why this may be the right solution for you. Traditional dentures can break or deteriorate over time, and you will have to pay for a replacement. Implant dentures are more durable and require less maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about denture creams and adhesives. 

Traditional dentures can cause problems, and if you are having issues, now is the perfect time to switch to implant dentures, which are a better and more convenient alternative. Our denturists are always available to answer questions or address any concerns, and we will provide you with every detail surrounding implant dentures and why they are so highly recommended. 

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