Many people believe that the only solution to replacing a lost tooth or teeth. It is to have invasive surgery done to receive dental implants. However, that is not actually the case. Mini dental implants are an alternative option for those that do not want to have invasive surgery done or may not have the bone mass to hold full-sized dental implants. The goal of dental implants is to give you confidence back with a beautiful set of teeth.

Curious as to why mini dental implants are so popular? Accent Denture Services has put together a guide to understanding mini dental implants for you below.

How Mini Dental Implants Differ From Standard Dental Implants

Mini dental implants have the same design structure as regular dental implants. They are just slightly smaller. Mini dental implant diameters often range from 1.8 mm to 3 mm for use that is long-term. They have a titanium post with a ball attached at the end, along with a socket and rubber. O-ring attached to the tooth which attaches to the post.

Standard dental implants require a post to be surgically placed into the jawbone, then attach abutments to the post after allowing the gums to heal. Mini dental implants are made of one piece instead of two, therefore a separate abutment to screw on the implant base is not required. That makes the gum healing time quicker, and it is possible to have artificial teeth placed on the same day as well.

 The mini dental implant procedure is far not that invasive with less drilling because less jaw material is required. Standard dental implants can take several months to have installed, whereas mini dental implants can sometimes be installed in only one visit. Traditional dental implants can ultimately lead to more problems in the long run for patients with a thin jawbone. There is not enough bone to support a full standard dental implant, therefore the implant may cause the bone to fracture.

The Popularity of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants, although relatively new, have become increasingly popular in today’s dental care. The small size of the implant has led to new techniques to be developed that enable placement. Use in a short period of time for the patient as well as the doctor. Dr. Todd Shatkin, DDS reported findings from 2007 in an annual AAID scientific meeting that the overall success rate with mini implants was 95%. The high success rates prove that mini dental implants are efficient. Their cost is significantly cheaper.

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