There is a slight adjustment period after having dentures fitted into the mouth. However, these symptoms shouldn’t be painful and if you’re experiencing irritation, it’s important to contact Accent Denture Service denturist in Mississauga to determine the cause. The reason for denture irritation is, fortunately, rather straightforward and often experienced while eating or speaking. 

If your dentures are irritating you, don’t fret! Accent Denture Service has compiled a list of effective ways to minimize the discomfort and ensure your dentures are comfortable.

Ensure Proper Denture Care and Cleaning

Caring for your dentures may not be your favourite part of the day, however, it is necessary! Proper denture care and cleaning extends denture longevity and can prevent irritation and discomfort. Practicing proper denture maintenance will help to avoid denture irritation entirely. Ensure you’re applying the following methods to your denture care routine:

  • Clean your dentures thoroughly with a dental cleanser nightly, along with cleaning the roof of your mouth and any areas your dentures cover to eliminate bacteria, thrush or yeast.
  • Do not forget to place your dentures in the water at night prior to sleeping to loosen any leftover particles and allow you to easily brush them away the following morning.
  • Do not use your dentures irregularly, for example, using them during the day or sleeping with them. This can irritate your mouth and even cause bone loss.

Have Easy To Chew/Swallow Foods

When you first have your dentures fitted, it may be more comfortable for you to eat softer foods, such as pudding, porridge or soup to allow your mouth to adjust, chew and swallow easily. It helps to keep your mouth constantly moist, as this can reduce friction and prevent the development of gum irritation. Drink plenty of fluids and steer clear of seeded foods that can get stuck or cause sore spots in your mouth from arduous chewing.

Relax Your Gums

Your dentures should be removed from the mouth and set aside to allow your gums to rest for at least six hours daily. Your gums need to heal and this also helps to prevent gum sores from forming. Use this additional method to relax gums:

  • Apply a hot compress to your mouth any time you experience inflammation or any discomfort. This is a natural solution to swelling post-denture installation and can relieve some irritation.

Use Herbal Solutions

Natural herbs and remedies can be used to relieve discomfort and treat oral health issues. These are examples of some herbal remedies that may help you overcome some denture discomfort:

  • Aloe vera gel can soothe pain and swelling from inflamed gums to relieve discomfort from denture placement.
  • Salt is effective at reducing mouth sores, pain and swelling and is a great ingredient to use during the denture adjustment phase.

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