What is Dental Implant

Well, the inception of the dental implant has proved how much the dentistry industry has been eagerly waiting for a procedure that makes the mouth feel as comfortable as with natural teeth.

From the combination of the two words it is easy to establish the meaning of Dental Implant. We have dental and implant. A dental implant is a surgically planted titanium root placed under the gum line to allow a denturist mount a crown or prosthetic tooth to replace a missing one.

Dental implants are a wise choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth. You may need to replace missing teeth, whatever the reason, be rest assured that you will get the expected results.

Why Dental Implant?

You might be at cross-roads not knowing exactly why to use dental implant. Well, worry no more for the reasons are clear and easy to comprehend.

  • They fuse with your teeth making them permanent greatly improving your facial appearance
  • They fit perfectly, significantly improving your speech
  • They are comfortable, they eliminate the risk of slipping
  • Improved oral health and easier chewing, momentously improving your general health

Dental implants come in two types giving you an option to choose from.

Endosteal. Most common type of implant. The various types of implants which include screw, blades or cylinders are surgically placed in the jawbone. Each of the fixed implant can either hold a single prosthetic tooth or several.

Subperiosteal. This type is placed on the bone. Here frames protrude via the gum to hold the teeth. This kind is used with patients who can’t wear dentures and lack enough bone height.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

A dental implant is able to achieve what other methods can’t. It accounts for preservation of the jawbone which gives your face that nice shape. Imagine a situation where your jawbone has been deformed. Do you know how strangely your face will transform? Some of your friends may even fail to recognize you.

You don’t have to worry about slippage of the teeth when chewing for they are strongly held by the implant. You also have the privilege of confidently eating anything you feel like without fear of damaging the teeth.


Denture Implant Mississauga

How is a Dental Implant procedure done?

Be assured that the procedure is not as scary as portrayed by some, who have never even tried it. It is a smooth process and at the end of it all you will have a reason to smile and feel its worth.

First, a slit is made on the section of the missing tooth. Preparations are made then the implant is screwed into the bone before the slit made on the gum tissue is sewed back. This is normally a painless procedure for it is done under the influence of sedatives. The implant stays inside the gum between 4 to 6 months.

During the waiting period the patient is given a temporary crown to assist in chewing and speaking.

After the healing, a minor surgery is performed to remove the grown gum tissue then a prosthetic tooth is fixed on the implant.

Dental Implants immensely improve your appearance and self-esteem. They are easy to clean for you use the same products and methods as the ones for cleaning natural teeth.


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