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Michael’s career started over 35 years ago in Poland where he graduated from the College of Dental Technology. The skills he learned and developed gave him the necessary requirements to practice dental technology in Canada. In 1995, Michael successfully accomplished the RDT (Registered Dental Technologist) designation. With this, he opened a dental laboratory that focused on providing the best in cosmetic and functional dental prosthetics. After many years in dental technology, Michael decided to pursue his true passion which is denturism.

His knowledge over the years was showcased to many dental professionals and was immediately recruited by BCHC, Health n’ Smiles Dental Clinic as a denturist in charge of the Peel Region-funded dental program for seniors. Hundreds of patients were very satisfied under Michael’s care. Along with this venture, Michael opened a denture clinic, which he co-owns with Arafat. He continues to restore smiles for countless patients, specifically implant-supported dentures. In his free time, Michael enjoys his family and is an active member of the Brampton Flying Center.

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Arafat graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. After graduating almost two decades ago, he pursued a career in Dental Technology at George Brown College. He specialized in high-end cosmetic restorations. Along with being a co-owner in a dental lab, he was a professor at George Brown College teaching balanced dentures and giving back to the younger generation. After many years in the field, he decided to go to Trillium College to further his education by pursing denturism.

He successfully accomplished his training and due to his years of expertise, he was recruited by BCHC, Health n’ Smiles Dental Clinic, which is a Peel Region funded program for seniors that aims to provide the best care possible. He took the private route and established a clinic with Michael and has had much success due to his vast knowledge in denture fabrication and techniques from dental technology. In his spare time, Arafat is a sports activist and an expert in nutrition and wellness.

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We are a denture clinic located in Mississauga. Accent Denture Services offers comprehensive denture services. Our state-of-the-art denture lab along with our team’s commitment to service is the perfect combination for your smile. From your free consultation to the care of your dentures, our team is committed to helping you every step of the way. Our licensed denturist has many years of experience and will work closely with you to help you find the right option for dentures. See what our satisfied patients have to say about our services, call today to schedule your consultation.


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