Choosing the right dentures is not an easy thing to do because of the many options that exist. Knowing where to start and what to look for will make a significant difference, and the following guide will provide you with important information:

    1. Understand the differences between the main types of dentures. Full dentures, partial dentures, implant-retained, and immediate dentures are all available, so you must understand the differences to select the right one. Full dentures are designed to replace all patients’ missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, while partial dentures are meant to replace one or more missing teeth either in the upper or lower jaw or sometimes both. Partial dentures cannot replace an entire row of teeth and just replace the missing ones. Implant retained dentures are teeth replacements that will be secured on top of dental implants, and these are installed directly on the gums, while immediate dentures are temporary and are used to replace missing teeth that have been recently extracted. This short-term option will prevent you from going out with missing teeth while you wait for your new dentures.
    2. Know your needs and preferences. Once you understand the different types of dentures available, you will have a better idea of what’s right for you, and evaluating your needs and preferences will allow you to do this successfully. Consider the number of teeth that need to be replaced and whether or not you are allergic to any materials, and figure out how soon you need your new dentures and if any oral or dental issues can affect your choice. These answers will help narrow down your options, and knowing what you want and what you will lead you in the right direction.
    3. Talk to a denture professional. Knowing precisely what you want is a must, but this may still not be enough, so it’s always best to consult a denture professional. They will examine your teeth and gums and make professional recommendations regarding what dentures would work best for you. They will discuss your lifestyle and your budget and help you explore the different options to make an informed decision. They will ask you about your needs, the denture materials you prefer, and the amount of maintenance you are willing to commit to and help you make the right choice based on this information.

Accent Denture Services is always ready to help so that you can rely on our team for your denture needs. We will provide you with advice and professional recommendations to ensure you love your smile, so contact us today for more information!