Combining dentures with dental implants will improve your overall denture function because there are a number of benefits to this option. You will have a comfortable fit and will experience a greater level of functionality as a result. Denture implants are the perfect solution for those looking for an alternative to traditional dentures and you will see your confidence levels increase because of their natural appearance. This is a long-term solution for those who have missing teeth and can replace a few teeth or an entire denture set.

Implant-supported dentures are supported by implants to which they are attached. The implants consist of artificial roots that are made of titanium steel and are generally constructed for the lower jaw where traditional dentures feel less stable. The implants will integrate with your bone and act as an anchor for the replacement teeth, so you will experience exceptional support. There are three components to the process, including the implant, which is the tooth replacement that is inserted into the jaw to fuse together with your bone tissue. There is also an abutment, which is used to attach the removable denture to the implant fixture, and the denture, which can be a new or a modified version of the one you already have so that it can snap onto the implant abutment. The denture portion can be removed so that you can clean it daily.

There are a number of benefits to denture implants, including the fact that they look and feel natural. Dentures that are placed over implants will look exactly like natural teeth and will feel and function the same way as well. You will not experience any movement or slippage and will no longer have to deal with messy adhesives. Another benefit is that you will no longer experience sore spots, which is a common problem with traditional dentures. With denture implants, the denture rests on the implant and not on gum tissue, so you will never have this problem.

You will also experience an improvement in your oral health because denture implants will stimulate the jawbone, which will offer protection against any future bone loss. Traditional dentures are supported by the gums and these prosthetic teeth will eventually wear down the soft tissues of the mouth. Implant-supported dentures, however, are made so that the structure is supported by the implants, which will not apply any added pressure to your gums. Your chewing abilities will improve as well because of the stability that denture implants provide. You will have more biting force, meaning fewer diet restrictions, so you won’t have to give up your favourite foods that are chewy or crunchy.

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