Dentures are definitely the most reliable and effective solution to restore missing, decayed or damaged teeth. These oral health solutions can significantly boost one’s confidence in an individual’s overall quality of life. However, even the most secure and high-quality dentures will likely need to be relined after a certain period of time. Age and lifestyle play a significant role in the shape, structure and health of our mouths. That means that your dentures may need to be refitted overtime to ensure your comfort.

In this article, Accent Denture Service will examine the purpose and function of denture reline and why you may need them over time.

Denture Relines: Explained

With age and lifestyle, the denture can become ill-fitted over time and instead of replacing the denture itself, which may still be functioning well for you, our denturist in Mississauga can install a soft reline that provides relief from the denture looseness. The reline has a comfortable, sponge-like layer that is installed between the denture’s hard base and the soft tissues within the mouth. The lining material is tear-resistant, tasteless and easy to clean and maintain, without having much of an impact on the material of the denture itself.

Reasons You May Need Denture Relines

There are several reasons that your dentures may need to be relined. Many of the causes are preventable, however, some naturally occur with age. Here are some of the causes:

  • Age: With age, overall health is at risk for negatively decaying, especially oral health. The jawbone can begin to shrink over a duration of time because the body does not view it as necessary as there are no teeth to support. To slow down this process, remove the dentures and clean them thoroughly each night. This gives your jaw a break and reduces the chance of bacterial infection from developing.
  • Weight Changes: If your weight has been fluctuating, it can have an impact on the comfortability of your dentures. The dentures can become ill-fitted if you lose a significant amount of weight and can cause the shape of the mouth and gums to shrink. 
  • Infection or Injury: If an injury or infection develops within your mouth, the mouth can begin to shrink. When the jaw becomes inflamed, it may have happened as a result of bone resorption. Bone resorption is the process of absorbing bones then breaking them down within the body. It can cause shrinkage or even bone loss in the jaw. When the jaw becomes injured or has developed a bacterial infection, you should consult with our denture hygienists at our denture clinic in Mississauga about denture realignment.

Think it’s time for a denture realignment? Or maybe it’s you’re considering denture implants for the first time. Accent Denture Service is the perfect place for you to go. Our denture clinic in Mississauga will restore that smile and leave you feeling confident and proud. Contact us for a free denture consultation to discuss the best options for you today!