While there may be a few differences between removable and fixed denture implants, they also share some important similarities. Before we dive into what makes these two systems different, let’s see how they can benefit you in the same way.

Both removable and fixed dentures can be full or partial sets, meaning that they can replace all the teeth within your mouth, or just a few missing ones. Both denture types also help to preserve and improve your jawbone, preventing it from wearing down over time. Denture implants also improve your appearance, whether it is just your smile or your overall facial structure, boost your self-esteem, and provide overall better quality of life, as you will have an easier time speaking, smiling, eating, and going about your regular day. Now, on to the important differences between removable and fixed denture implants so you can choose the best option for yourself.

Removable Denture Implants

Also known as snap-in overdentures, removable implants come in two kinds: implant-retained and implant-supported overdentures. Implant-retained overdentures include two or more denture implants as well as a removable component. Essentially, it is an upgrade for the traditional denture. These allow for more support but can create sore spots in the process. They also improve your ability to chew and will occasionally need to be realigned by your dentist as bone and tissue shift over time.

Implant-supported overdentures, on the other hand, contain four dental implants that are attached to the replacement. However, if one of the implants fails, then the entire denture will not function properly, but this an easy, affordable fix. Implant-supported overdentures are best for those who have high upper smiles, as the replacement will hide the meeting point between the gum line and the denture. It is also easy to remove for cleaning purposes.

Fixed Denture Implants

Also known as screw-in permanent hybrid dentures, fixed implants are available as implant-supported dentures and implant-supported bridges. Implant-supported dentures are similar to the implant-supported overdenture in all manners except for the fact that this one cannot be removed without the help of a dental professional. Commonly referred to as “All-on-4s,” as four or more implants are needed to support the denture, this denture option does not require bone grafting.

Implant-supported bridges are the most natural denture option you will find, which is why it is the most popular among both patients and dentists alike. Even if the implant fails, the denture will still function properly. No teeth movement can be felt once the bridge is inserted, and no flanges needed, which is typically the part of a denture that goes into the oral cavity. These dentures do not rest on the gum line and are usually made of porcelain, providing a more natural and durable experience for the wearer.

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