If you just recently got your new dentures, you may have already heard your denturist telling you to make sure that you keep your teeth wet when you aren’t wearing them. Although most people who use dentures quickly get into the habit of soaking them in the water when they are not wearing them for an extended period, especially at night, occasionally you may forget to put your dentures in water. This can cause significant dryness in your dentures.

Before we divulge into the fixes part, let us understand why dry dentures are an issue. Most dentures are made from an acrylic material that needs moisture to retain its shape. When you are wearing your dentures, the saliva keeps your dentures moist at all times. When they are not being worn, dentures are likely to dry out immediately.

What happens when dentures dry out?

When dentures dry out completely, the acrylic is likely to become too dry and brittle. There are a few issues associated with dry and brittle dentures. Firstly, they can lose their shape, even slight warping can make your teeth feel like they do not fit well. In case of extreme changes, your dentures may become completely unusable. Your dentures will possibly break too if you drop them.

Tips to fix dry dentures

Fixing dry dentures may not be as difficult as you think and you can use some quick tips and tricks.

1) If you have had your dentures out only for a few hours, they can be fixed by just putting them back in your mouth. The saliva in your mouth will rehydrate the dentures and enable them to moisten up.

2) If your dentures have not been worn for a long time and have been stored out of the water, you can try to rehydrate them by soaking them in water for at least 24 hours. This will give them a chance to moisten and restore.

3) In case your dentures have completely warped out of shape, they may be completely unusable. In such a case, you will need to see your denturist who can check if your dentures can be restored and used.

It is best to not try a DIY method to fix the denture by yourself by using hot water or heat and remolding the denture plate or the teeth. In most likelihood, you will end up damaging them further and even your denturist may refuse to work with dentures that are a result of a DIY job gone wrong.

If you are thinking about getting new denture implants, talk to your denturist about it. Remember to ask questions and seek answers on how to choose, maintain, and take care of your dentures so that you can use them comfortably. If you have questions and concerns regarding dentures or are looking to get a set for yourself, speak to Accent Denture Services. Their team of experts will give you the best advice on all aspects concerning dentures so that you can comfortably experience the joy of wearing dentures.