As a denturist in Mississauga, I have worked on dental implants for many years. One of the questions that most people ask me is what is the right time to get dentures? My answer is you can actually prolong it with a regular visit to your local dentist. More than often people wait until excruciating pain or irreparable damage is done to their teeth. Of course, none of us really aim to get dentures but at some point, it becomes an inevitable reality. Some of the early signs that you may need dentures are:

A toothache

One of the most obvious signs is a persistent toothache. If you are experiencing a toothache that simply won’t go away, it is a sign that the decay has reached the nerves and is causing significant discomfort. While a root canal may be a good option, sometimes the decay is beyond repair and the doctor may advise you to get implants or dentures.

Periodontal Disease

If you are one of those experiencing persistent swelling and redness in your gums, you may have more than just a decayed tooth. Such swelling and redness can indicate a more serious condition like periodontal disease. While symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis can easily be treated through cleaning and preventive maintenance like regular cleaning and use of mouthwash, as the gum disease progresses, it can worsen. Eventually, bone loss can begin making tooth implants or dentures inevitable.

Loose or moving teeth

If your teeth are moving and shifting, the chances are you might need dentures soon. Loose teeth are a sign of decay and even an effect of the periodontal disease. As gums are not clearly visible, you may be oblivious to progressing tooth decay.

Difficulty using teeth

If you find it difficult to chew your food it is probably a sign that you need dentures. Pain, discomfort and experiencing pressure while chewing normal food can be an indication that your teeth are losing their health.


We learned in school that chewing is one of the first steps to digesting your food correctly. If you are experiencing chronic indigestion, the chances are that your teeth are not functioning properly. Partly chewed food puts additional pressure on your digestive system making it vulnerable to stomach pains and indigestion. If you experience such symptoms, you may want to meet your dentist sooner.

Missing Teeth

Visiting a denturist is probably around the corner for you if you have several missing teeth. As time progresses, dentures can prevent you from losing more teeth. Lack of support from all your teeth speeds up shifting and weakening of your healthy teeth. If you haven’t visited your local denturist, it’s time to visit them as soon as possible and save the remaining healthy teeth.

Benefits of dentures

Now that we have covered so many compelling reasons why dentures can be a great option for you, here is how they can benefit you:

Improves aesthetics

This one is obvious! Your smile looks confident and beautiful with neatly aligned dentures working their magic. Dentures make you look better, feel confident and improve the overall shape of your face.

Relief from constant pain

Dentures definitely solve challenging such as a toothache, loose teeth, falling and shifting teeth, making your pearlies look aligned.


Getting dentures means improving the quality of food ingested. With better chewing and use of teeth, digestion is likely to greatly improve.

While dentures are perfect for anyone who has dental issues, only a reputed and experienced denturist like Accent Denture Clinic, for instance, can advise you on the best possible line of treatment for you.

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