A beautiful smile is important both for your health and appearance. It’s very common to feel insecure about missing or bad teeth but the good news is that dental implants can fix flawed teeth so that you can start smiling proudly once again. 

If you’re looking for a permanent solution when it comes to improving the stability of your mouth and the appearance of your teeth, dental implants are the answer. They are stable and durable, and the high-quality of the implants make them the perfect long term solution not just for their cosmetic appeal, but for other important reasons like saving your jaw as well. 

Once you start losing your natural teeth, your natural jawbone will start to weaken as will your ability to chew, which will affect the appearance of your smile as well as your face entirely. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime and will serve as replacements for your missing or bad teeth. They are normally made of titanium metal, which fuses with your jawbone and the implants are very strong and in addition to looking just like your natural teeth, they will also help prevent bone loss in your jaw and help preserve its health. 

Missing teeth will eventually harm your jaw, change the appearance of your face and make it very difficult to bite and chew. Once your jawbone starts to diminish, it will cause adjacent teeth to shift, resulting in larger gaps and a lot more problems. You will have trouble flossing and brushing these areas and failing to clean your mouth properly may lead to gum disease and additional tooth loss. The bone structure underneath your gums requires constant stimulation in order for it to maintain its density and form, and dental implants are the only procedure that offers this. Bridges do not provide bone stimulation and will cause your bone tissue to continue wearing away, which would affect your facial structure and smile, resulting in other oral problems that can be quite painful. 

In addition to saving your jaw, dental implants will also improve the stability of your mouth, serve as a permanent anchor for all of your replacement teeth and help maintain bone density just to name a few of its other benefits. Even if you have dentures, dental implants can not only help secure them, but they can also enhance them regardless of the type you have, whether they’re full or partial dentures. This is particularly important for older patients who want to feel comfortable with their dentures as dental implants will make them feel natural.

Every single tooth matters and each one plays a role in your dental health, so having a full set of teeth is very important. Accent Denture Service in Mississauga can help those who are interested in denture implants. This clinic welcomes patients who wish to have implant retained dentures and those who prefer implant fixed dentures, so schedule an appointment today to speak to a denturist!