Dentures are an instant relief to missing teeth and provide a simple solution to fill the gaps. There are very basic in their manufacture and easy to take care of.  Their popularity springs from their non-invasive nature to fix. They are 3 types:

Partial dentures – These are used to replace one or two missing teeth

Complete dentures – These replace the entire set of teeth. It is most common in elderly patients or patients whose teeth are adversely affected prompting the need for extraction.

Temporary dentures – These are given as a short term solution to replacing missing teeth while preparations are underway for more permanent solutions such as dental implants.

Dentures are made of acrylic or metal material which disintegrates and breaks down over time. This causes crack, chips or breakage of the denture. Over time, the dentures also become uncomfortable and will need to be re-adjusted accordingly. It is recommended to get your dentures repaired or replaced every 5-7years.

Denture repair procedures

Denture repair can be done in one day depending on the extent of the damage. At Accent dentures, we have an onsite denture lab making the repair or replacement procedures very seamless. Patients can walk in and be served within a few hours the same day. The convenience provided by our specialists and the denture lab remains unparallel to none.

Denture repair is achieved with any of the procedures below:

Denture rebase – This is a complete replacement of the acrylic base holding your dentures in place. It is done when it is no longer a perfect for or worn out.

Denture reline – This is done to fix loose dentures. The part of the denture in contact with the soft tissue is resurfaced for a perfect fit.

Denture adjustments – Depending on how they are fixed, dentures cab rub against the gums or mouth tissue causing discomfort. Denture adjustments in done to relieve the patient of this discomfort preventing the development of a sore spot.

Dental implants – While dentures provide a quick solution to missing teeth, their service is short-lived and nothing near a permanent solution. For patients looking for a lasting solution t their denture menace, they can opt for a different procedure altogether. Dental implants are the best alternative to dentures providing a long-term solution to missing teeth.

The importance of denture repair

Denture repair just like other dental procedures serves to restore the mouth and dental structure to its normal. Missing teeth, cracked, chipped and decayed teeth are not only an unpleasant sight but also pose serious dental concerns if left unattended.

At accent dentures, we highly recommend immediate action on any denture problem you encounter. Regardless of how manageable your denture situation is, a visit to our clinic will provide expert care and diagnosis of your denture problems. For those whose dentures accidentally break, DIY home repair is highly discouraged.

It does not address the root cause of the breakage and exposes you to impending dental problems. At our clinics, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your dental structure and fix the right dentures for your teeth In case there are better alternatives to the dentures, we relay this information to our clients guiding an informed decision.

Why choose Accent Dentures for your denture repairs

  • Highly qualified and specialized team
  • Onsite lab for same day denture repairs and replacements
  • Excellent customer service, highly professional and super friendly
  • Excellent reviews and recommendations from previous clients
  • Good customer follow up and professional advice on denture care


Dentures are an excellent choice for people with missing teeth looking for a simple solution to their dental problem. They are less demanding in terms of maintenance and a quick- affordable solution to missing teeth. At accent dentures, we provide excellent service to all our clients and do manufacture the best dentures in our onsite lab. Visit us today for fast, convenient, and same day denture services.


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