Tooth loss can occur for several reasons, including poor oral hygiene, gum disease, old age and unfortunate accidents. Regardless of the reason, you must replace missing teeth. Otherwise, you will struggle when biting, eating and talking, or potentially hide your smile in public. Missing teeth causes many people to feel self-conscious about smiling because a gap in your mouth can affect your appearance, confidence, and self-image. 

The good news is there are several tooth replacement options you can consider if you have missing teeth, and contacting a denture clinic in Mississauga is a great place to start. Dentures are available in different shapes and sizes, and a denturist will discuss temporary and permanent dentures based on your specific case. They will help you find the right type of denture for your teeth and will help you restore your smile. This will allow you to show off your smile again, and you will not feel embarrassed or shy when socializing. 

When visiting a denture clinic in Mississauga, you may come across suction dentures, an option you can consider. This type of denture relies solely on suction and will work well even with patients who suffer from advanced bone resorption in their upper or lower jaw. Suction dentures may look like any other type but use a vacuum-like force to keep the artificial teeth in place. Suction dentures take advantage of the shape of your jaw with a special impression technique and create a secure seal to prevent them from slipping or shifting when you eat and speak. Your artificial teeth will remain in place at all times. 

How do suction dentures work?

A denturist will start by making a detailed impression of your gums, bite and teeth, and a small retractor will seal a one-way valve under bite pressure to create a vacuum between your gums and denture. The bite pressure triggered by the patient’s gums will generate a sucking vacuum between the gums and the tissue lining, and the denture will fit perfectly with the natural shape of your jaw. 

Why are more patients gravitating towards suction dentures?

Suction dentures are the preferred choice compared to conventional or implant-supported dentures. Traditional dentures contain a pink acrylic base, sometimes bulky and uncomfortable. They are placed on the gums and offer little stability without adhesives or implants. Implant-supported dentures are an excellent choice for patients who have lost all of their teeth, but you will need enough bone to support the implant, and the procedure does require surgery to insert the supports that keep the denture in place. 

Suction dentures do not require surgery and are a permanent solution. Patients will enjoy stability and durability because a streamlined base is used, and this provides people with a more natural feeling prosthetic as it tends to be lighter than traditional acrylic bases. 

Benefits of Suction Dentures

If you visit a reputable denture clinic in Mississauga, you will receive expertly crafted suction dentures, allowing you to eat and smile confidently. Many patients like having the choice of removing their appliances whenever they want to clean them thoroughly or to experience comfort. Most removable dentures, however, do require the use of adhesives, and this can be very messy to deal with. 

Suction dentures can be removed easily, and you will never have to deal with your dentures becoming unglued. Traditional dentures can become loose mid-sentence, which is a terrible feeling, but you’ll never have to worry about this with suction dentures, and you can remove them when you please. 

Missing teeth is a serious problem; you must find a solution immediately. Not only will missing teeth affect your ability to chew and speak, but gaps in your mouth will also affect your appearance. Missing teeth will eventually cause your cheeks to sag and appear hollowed out because teeth play a crucial role in supporting your facial features, and even a few missing teeth can affect your appearance. Suction dentures can help with this problem because, in addition to helping you chew and talk properly, they will also support your facial structure. 

Many people associate dentures with bulky appliances, but this is a thing of the past, and dentures have come a long way. Patients can now get customized dentures made with an ultra-light and flexible material that is both comfortable and natural-looking, and the right denture clinic will help you decide if suction dentures are right for you. Suction dentures look like every type of denture, but their use of a vacuum-like force helps keep them in place. This feature separates them from traditional dentures. No implant or adhesive is used, but you will still enjoy a secure and comfortable fit to chew and speak naturally. 


Are you ready to eat, smile and eat comfortably and naturally? Accent Denture Services will further discuss the benefits of suction dentures and why they may be right for you. Our denture clinic here in Mississauga will discuss the many advantages you will enjoy, including a more natural feel, a reduced need for implants and no need for adhesives. Suction dentures can also eliminate potential discomfort, and you will not experience any lifting or floating. 

Suction dentures can be used for upper and lower dentures, although we must determine if you are a suitable candidate. For the appliance to fit perfectly, you must have the right gum profile, and we will assess these details during your consultation. Our denturists will help you determine what type of dentures are right for you, and we will always provide our patients with the right solutions to help improve your smile. 

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