Dentures are a great solution for patients with missing teeth. However, many people are scared about them falling out. This is a natural concern for anyone considering dentures, and no one wants to experience this kind of embarrassment when speaking with friends or eating dinner.  

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your dentures falling out because, with the latest technology, properly fitted dentures should not slip or fall out. A reputable denturist will evaluate your oral health and help you choose the best product to keep your dentures in place.

Dentures use the natural shape of your gums and jaw to stay in place, and the following guide will provide you with more information:

Partial Dentures

These support your remaining teeth and fill in any gaps caused by missing teeth. Your denture will clasp onto your remaining teeth to keep them firmly in position. These dentures are also quite secure on their own because they make use of your teeth’s deep roots. It’s also possible to get dental implants that act as anchors for a partial denture.

Complete Dentures

These rely on the thin layer of saliva between the denture, jaw bone and gums and use the natural shape of your jaw to hold them in place. You can also use a zinc-free denture adhesive to provide additional security. It’s important to note that complete dentures do not have the support of your natural teeth, so a little bit of practice may be required before they start to feel natural in your mouth. 

Lower Suction Dentures

These are specifically designed for your lower jaw and rely on suction to keep them in place. They are a great choice for patients who have lost all their lower teeth and want a more secure fit without surgical implants. Lower suction dentures may not work for every patient, however, and this option will largely depend on the shape and structure of your lower jaw.

Dentures Over Implants

Dentures installed with implants are the most secure option because this solution uses surgically implanted anchor points for your dentures. Your dentures can latch onto the implant, significantly reducing their chances of falling loose or falling out. This option is highly recommended for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth because it will restore your smile while allowing you to eat more of the foods you love. Additionally, this option will feel the closest to natural teeth and stimulate your jawbone, reducing the bone resorption rate. This type of denture is long-lasting and is the most secure and comfortable option.

The right denture solution will vary from patient to patient, and the Accent Denture Services experts will help you make informed decisions. We will discuss which option is best for your health and budget, and our denturists will answer your questions. We specialize in denture implants and if you are looking for a reputable denture clinic in Mississauga, contact us today: 905-819-8484.


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