What’s the Best Denture Repair Kit vs Professional Denturist

Most people feel overwhelmed when they experience damage to their dentures. There will be many unfamiliar treatment and recovery considerations to take into account such as replacing dentures. The synthetic material used to make dentures can easily be broken and even with thorough denture care, dentures will still yield to normal wear and tear.

When that happens, your dentures will not fit correctly or function properly. This then necessitates denture repair and while it may save you a substantial amount of money to get a denture repair kit and do it yourself, denturists in Mississauga do not advocate for that.

Here are some of the reasons why you should seek the services of a professional denturist to repair your dentures.

Most glues are poisonous

The materials used for repairs in denture clinics are temperature sensitive and computer controlled in a highly-regulated environment. You should never use denture glue to fix new dentures because you have no idea of what it contains or whether its production was under correct medical parameters.

If the glue in your denture repair kit is lethal, it will pass into your bloodstream either through the saliva process or transdermally. A professional denturist will use the same product used in making your dentures for handling the repair and molding it into the damaged denture. No oral glue can do that.


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You save money

Undeniably, denture repair kits are readily available and at quite affordable prices. However, that leaves ample room for error. You need to ask yourself what’s in the product and whether your repair job will inhibit bacteria growth. Denture Kits do not contain the high-quality elements that establish a lasting repair.

For a professional denturist, replacing dentures is a straightforward procedure. It can be done while you wait. Ultimately, dentures are far too expensive to risk a denture repair kit backfiring and forcing you to part with more money for a professional repair which you should have done in the first place.

You get professional advice

A professional denturist has the training and expertise to give you advice on how to take care of your new dentures. Your gums are very sensitive and as such, your mouth is liable to germs that could cause an infection. You’ve possibly waited for too long to bring in your dentures for repair if you are getting sores in your mouth from them.

If one of your dentures fall off, the plate, putting it back on your own can not only cause more issues but now you have another problem of a difficult bite if the tooth is not steady or even. That could be an indication of poorly fitting dentures or damaged ones. You will not know what exactly is wrong until you visit a professional. With a repair kit, you are actually fixing a problem that you don’t know.

In the end, you should always seek the services of a professional denturist to attend to any sort of damage to your dentures and to get advice on denture care. This is mainly to ensure that no major changes occur in your mouth or bite.


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