If you have had teeth replacement, you might have come across a number of dental implant terms. You might have as well heard terms like bridges and failed to comprehend. Well, don’t worry we will help you understand all the meanings of words associated with tooth replacement and dental implant dentistry. Below is a list we came up with to help you understand your dentist


This is a tooth-shaped cap placed over an abutment or tooth to bring back its look and size. They can be made from Crowns and also from several materials including resin, metals, and porcelain.


It is a ceramic material used to make dental replacements as well as crowns and abutments. For highly visible dental replacements, then this is the best. However, it is deficient in metal strength and cannot be of use in some situations.


This is used in attaching the bridge, denture, or crown to the implant fixture. It also can be made from different materials.

Root Canal

This term refers to a space inside the root of a tooth covering soft tissue like blood vessels and nerves.

Sinus Lift

It is a process by which the dentist enlarges the size of the bone in the upper jaw into the nasal cavity (sinus) to ensure it is adequate to hold an implant.


This is another term you are likely to come across. Bridge is also a gap. Therefore, this is a restoration in which a missing tooth is replaced by joining it to two adjacent teeth. They thus bridge the opening created by the missing teeth. There are different types of bridges. You have the option to inquire from your dentist which one is right for you.

Resin-bonded Bridge

It is also referred to as Maryland Bridge. This is a tooth-supported option that needs some preparation for your other natural teeth. Unlike a removable denture, this type of bridge functions well. However, it is not strong like the fixed bridgework. Additionally, it doesn’t last long like dental implants.

Implant supported bridge

This one is set in place and held up by dental implants inside the jawbone. This is the strongest and steady type of bridge replacement. It lasts longer than a tooth-supported bridge.

Tooth-supported bridge

This bridge is set in a place and held up by your natural teeth. Its positioning requires grinding down of the remaining teeth to keep it. This type of bridge requires extra care than implant supported bridge.

Denture Implant Mississauga

Dental implant

This is a titanium piece of equipment placed into bone that restores the root of a tooth and allows the attachment of the prosthesis.


Another common term you will come across if you have missing teeth. These are different devices used to restore missing teeth. Some can be taken out daily for cleaning while a denturist can only remove others.

Have you been wondering what your denturist is referring to during your visits? Then now you have the glossary of dental implants dentistry. Check it out again and again.


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